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..ensure your organisation’s success


  ..distinction, essence, equity

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 ..simplicity and clarity in a complex world





think beyond

 challenge the current state
..forever question, grow, evolve


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LOCKE is a strategic marketing and brand consultancy.

Our proven processes solve business problems.

Known for building brands, growing profitability, and keeping it simple, we work closely with you to think beyond…

With expertise in marketing, brand and strategy, built on deep business experience, and real success, LOCKE delivers Director level comprehension, experience and efficiency with a ‘hands on’ approach ..and work with you to ensure our knowledge stays within your business.

Can your marketing, brand, or strategy be stronger | drive higher return in today's world?

It’s about the fervour for real marketing, a considered brand approach, and single-minded strategies – the processes that sit behind them, the agility they provide, the real outcomes they deliver ..and go beyond.

It’s about a world that is in constant Beta, full of the next thing and…  A world in which we must be fast, informed and wise.   A world of value creators and innovators – not extractors.

It’s about human-centric marketers, who understand business, are on top of technology and can balance the vision of opportunity with the reality of constraint.  Marketers who are cognisant and accountable, creating breakthrough solutions the whole business can understand, own and activate.

It’s about partnering businesses, helping them be the best they can be and better than their competition, growing them and with them.

These are the things that enthral and delight us.

We employ a very simple formula: ‘every client is unique, we don’t use formulas!’  

However, we do have proven processes and we tailor these to your needs.

Avoiding presumption we UNLOCKE™ companies, ask difficult questions, look at the whole issue, interrogate the industry, cleave opportunities from trends and often deliver some tough love – all to discover better solutions.

By doing so we help you think beyond.  Aspiring for smarter, better offerings and market approaches that change the game and, should needs dictate, disrupt the industry.

By synthesising old school wisdom with new world nous we create strategies that survive and thrive in an agile world.

Founded by Michael Locke and supported by experts in marketing, brand and strategy from around the world, we have the agility, knowledge, capability and reach, as diverse as the needs of our clients.  

We work with senior teams in multinationals, institutions, privately owned organisations, not-for-profits, and smart(start)-ups, helping them address and solve specific market issues to increase profitability and ..think beyond

Like the solutions we deliver, we tailor our people to suit your needs and we work with you to ensure that our knowledge stays within your business.


What we like about LOCKE is that they are consultants that ‘do’. The eBay team enjoyed working with LOCKE who provided a tailored communications solution to achieve our goal of driving adsales revenue.

Suzanne Mitchell, Head of Marketing Communications & Brand, eBay


The feedback we have received from our launch market in Europe indicates that the LOCKE pty ltd team have provided us with exactly the right approach, positioning and materials to positively impact this market in an ethical and profitable manner.

 Sean Gray, Chief Commercialisation Officer, AIMEDICS PTY LTD


My goal achieve our targeted growth rates across the Asia Pacific that we needed external help. LOCKE pty ltd has delivered that help. ..subsequently taking us to a place that wasn't envisaged, and has delivered a plan that is showing transformational outcomes in the first month of implementation. Well done, thank you.

Daniel Rowan, General Manager, Internetrix



Their solutions think well beyond the current ways of doing business, they are very strong, simple and smart.

George Liakatos, Head of Sales, JURA Australia Espresso Pty Ltd


LOCKE worked with often divergent and conflicting stakeholder groups to define a brand and strategy that they could prove appealed to the vast majority of all Australians…. that represents over $3Bill in saving to the nation. ..a relentless customer centric focus, for more exacting, innovative, research approaches, …translated highly complex legislation into simple appealing information and a high-trust, authentic, award winning brand.

Clair Mackenzie, Business Solutions Manager, ARCA


Michael is creative and innovative. More importantly he’s an excellent networker and communicator, successfully managing relationships and project activities between business functions, agencies and factories on leading portfolios.

John Brown, Managing Director, Electrolux Home Products


We thrive on an entrepreneurial, start-up spirit, create incredibly complex technologies that revolutionise mature industry segments and have foundation partners (the Coca Cola Group and Data 61) with incredibly high expectations. We needed brand and marketing experts who could work at our pace and flow, in order to create a highly appealing and approachable brand which communicates our smarts in simple, compelling ways to cynical markets. …a great journey thanks to LOCKE .. strategic and creative thinkers who always have an eye on the future...

Jason Hosking, Co-Founder and CEO,HIVERY


With LOCKE we created a brand for a disruptive space that placed us in front of every other brand in the niche market and achieved much stronger awareness, trust and appeal with a much larger, previously unobtainable, consumer market.

Adrian Przelozny, CEO/ Founding Partner, Independent Reserve


The speed, depth and intellect LOCKE brought to this task were amazing. Their processes and facilitation ability helped us clearly define a very strong, meaningful company brand that we had been struggling to articulate concisely. Now ACULARO has a distinctive brand that matches our offering, built on a vision that everyone understands and supports. Further, as more people join our team, it is a brand everyone can contribute to and continue to advance, in a controlled and manageable manner.

Sarah Duncan, Chief Executive Officer, Acularo Australia Pty Ltd


With LOCKE we created a brand for a disruptive space that placed us in front of every other brand in the niche market and achieved much stronger awareness, trust and appeal with a much larger, previously unobtainable, consumer market.

Adrian Przelozny, CEO/ Founding Partner, Independent Reserve


With LOCKE we created a brand for a disruptive space that placed us in front of every other brand in the niche market and achieved much stronger awareness, trust and appeal with a much larger, previously unobtainable, consumer market.

Adrian Przelozny, CEO/ Founding Partner, Independent Reserve


You have to love a positive ‘can do’ attitude when it sits on the shoulders of someone who thrives on hard work and has the experience to get things going with very limited direction. Michael’s combination of knowledge, contacts and consideration meant that we were able to deliver a large volume of high quality work, together with internal and external suppliers. The best part – there very few issues and lots of laughs along the way.

Ella Ambarchi, General Manager Brand and Strategy, Tabcorp

The process and sensitivity of approach provided by LOCKE pty ltd resulted in fast and positive results, helping to clarify agreed outcomes from a disparate member base.

Juliana Payne, CEO, National Tourism Alliance


The depth and commitment of work provided by LOCKE truly opened our eyes and helped us understand how much opportunity exists in the market and what we can achieve by thinking beyond the status quo. ..LOCKE’s work means that once we get all the other elements in place, we will be virtually unstoppable and able to rapidly achieve our audacious goals.

Stephane Lemenager, General Manager, Lawrence Dry Cleaners

We own several of the largest brands in our industry we just needed to know how to best capitalise their value, LOCKE pty ltd provided us with a fresh perspective and clear guidance that has seen us grow even greater share in key profit areas.

Oliver Taylor, Managing Director ANZ, Rothenberger


LOCKE helped us understand our brands, and their real value. Creating a structure to help bring business clarity, efficiency and profitability across our global markets. Now and for many years to come.

Ed Johnson, CFO, The Oztent Group


We needed to really understand, clarify and simplify who we were, what made us distinct, the benefits we provided the market, and how to constantly and consistently stay top of mind with store buyers and end-users when considering their purchase choices. The process implemented by LOCKE has achieve this and put us in a really good place to continue to grow both market share and profitability.

Zez Ni, Managing Director & Fresh Food Specialist, POSH Foods

Within a fortnight of commissioning LOCKE pty ltd the team had already added recognised value to our business.

Ross Gales, Creative Director, Pollen Digital pty ltd


I have enjoyed working with you enormously and I know that you have been a significant help in making Dyson Australia so successful. Many thanks.

James Dyson, Owner & Founder, Dyson