The Applied Model:

Reframing Graduate Education

A new model for a new era

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We recently completed a white paper for Graduate Careers Australia [GCA].

Titled ‘Reframing Graduate Education – THE APPLIED MODEL, A New Model for A New Era’ the paper is built on over a year and a half of research, discussions and analysis.

It is the first to take a student’s perspective and propose a distinct approach Australian universities could adopt to maintain relevance and value to students of today – as the fourth industrial revolution renders ‘knowledge’ an instant, globally transactional commodity, readily available and vastly less expensive than ever before.

The full white paper:

  • Identifies several key indicators that explain why Australian universities, despite their current prowess, are at
    risk of sinking into irrelevance.
  • Discusses the need for Australian universities to develop a new model which harnesses the potential and
    the enthusiasm of the next generation of students to solve the most difficult problems confronting society.
  • Proposes a potential model that addresses the above and could position Australia at the forefront of global
    higher education.


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