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Unlike the conventional consultancy, LOCKE does not run a vast team of internal staff that must be fed and can quickly eat chargeable hours.

Contractors, consultants, mentors, managers, directors,  doers ..we are whatever your business needs at this moment.  

.. if we aren’t, we’ll introduce you to  someone who is.

Our [Inter]LOCKE network, means that we can tailor global expertise to a client’s specific requirements.  Delivering optimal knowledge, experience and efficiencies at realistic rates and a hands-on approach.


Join the Team - are you a brand, business or marketing expert, driven to deliver the best solutions?


We love this stuff

Having all worked inside multinationals and built businesses from their roots, we are comfortable working side by side senior management, internal teams, external suppliers, or mentoring key staff.

We just like working with good operators, in order to create and activate strategies full of gumption, accountability and value.

Regulars you may meet with at LOCKE include:


That would be me ..the bloke who kicked this all off.  

After many privileged years of working with all size of organisation to create, build and manage iconic, market-leading brands and businesses that break from the norms and rake in the dollars, I founded LOCKE pty ltd.  

As speed, disruption, agility and ambiguity became common, making good strategy, solid branding and smart marketing paramount, I became frustrated that conventional, big billing, heavily hyped agencies with weak service models fell short.

Over the years  some great mistakes and brilliant people have taught me the importance and power of thinking beyond the current state, engineering well informed, single minded strategies, that direct clever, simple solutions (free of BS) and drive success the whole business can understand, own and facilitate.



A Masters in Management with a background in hospitality and the trades sector, Matt believes in the power of working harder and smarter.  

Matt’s passion is employing his research and analysis skills to develop human centric, solid, accountable business growth and expansion plans for clients.

He’s also a dab hand at project management – but that’s only because he likes making sure that everyone is working nearly as hard as he does, to achieve outcomes well beyond market expectations.



Digital and data demon, Dan has a reputation for delivering highly functional, easy to use, innovative solutions that push the boundaries technically.

Dan excels as both a programmer and a strategist.   

A certified Google partner, with experiences across all digital advertising platforms, Dan ensures that clients receive rapid, realistic and superior outcomes, built upon deep considerations for all aspects of marketing mix – thinking well beyond the standard on-line focus.


A born doer, thinker and builder of businesses, Jacinta walks the talk – founding her own businesses in the creative sector and driving their success through clever marketing across both digital and conventional spheres.

A marketing manager who has been creating digital content since 1997, Jacinta is passionate about helping others develop and is as comfortable as a ‘doer’ as she is a mentor.


Brand, marketing and strategy queen – with lead roles in-house for Fortune 100 companies, such as IBM and AMEX to smart-ups like CommSec (now Australia’s leading e-trading platform) MJ works with a passion befitting her heritage.

An omnichannel specialist, who has headed teams both internally and for agency, MJ is adept at optimising third party suppliers.


Over her 20 years in corporate/financial services, Karen has developed a deep passion for true social innovation.

Karen is a champion of smart, new entrepreneurial approaches, design thinking, and the re-framing of age old problems to help clients create new sustainable models and brands, which achieve the long-term enrichment of humanity and business, without losing focus on the short-term profit needs of shareholders.


From Governments to graveyards, Kym’s perceptive wit, powerful word play and creative genius and has seen him build many successful organisations and bury a few too.

A marketing communications maverick Kym hones complex, convoluted, often commercially bland, thoughts into a single precise and forceful idea that tells and sells.  Igniting a creative spark into a flaring concept, and creating a campaign that can blaze across social media, commercial television, a mailbox flier and shelf-talker as one.


These are just a smattering of those trusted advisors we admire and engage in partnering with businesses, to help them be the best they can be and better than their competition, growing them and with them.

All are doers, thinkers and facilitators who work with the LOCKE processes to help you achieve solutions as practical or creative as your business needs dictate.  If you want to know more or see how we may be able to assist you – please contact us.

While headquartered in Sydney our reach is global and our initial consultation is free of cost or obligations.

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