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The Australian Himalayan Foundation works in partnership with individuals and organisations to achieve positive outcomes for people of the Himalayas.  The AHF is a not-for-profit organisation that has grown organically from a tight volunteer base to a small team of highly productive and passionate people working with communities across Nepal, Bhutan and the Indian Himalaya.  Like many organisations of its ilk, everyone is flat-out, working on multiple projects with many stakeholders, often across several areas, all to achieve audacious goals.  To make it easier for everyone in the organisation a simple plan that all can understand, own and implement is paramount for co-ordinated and continued success.

Industry Sector[s]

Not for Profit | Eduction | Health | Environment | Social Impact

Services Provided

LOCKELite – Research + Analysis | Brand Refinement | Marketing Communications + Engagement Planning


Matching the energy and enthusiasm of the AHF, in less than two days, we analysed fundraising and communications arms of the organisation to create and facilitate a workshop for the management team.  A workshop that has brought greater clarity to the organisation’s brand and how it engages with all its stakeholders.  Resulting in a simple, streamlined process set to reduce time, costs and confusion associated with marketing communications + engagement, while increasing returns to its partners and communities.


“If we looked at the organisation like scaling Everest, where we have so much going on and such high expectations in an ever-changing climate.  Your session was like our base-camp, helping us to succinctly define what we are about, look clearly at our goal and map a sure, steady path that everyone one can follow, to get us securely to the top, one step at a time.  Thank you.”

Carolyn Hamer-Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Himalayan Foundation