Brand Profile

Break Thru is a leading Australian not-for-profit specialising in employment, training and community services. With over 700 staff across 56 sites throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, BreakThru is among the largest disability employment service providers in the country. Break Thru helps their client’s ‘break thru barriers and create futures’.

Service Provided

Strategy | Marketing
[UNLOCKE™ research | Workshopping | Engagement strategy – budgeting & measurements | Creative campaign development | Activation.]

“Commissioned to develop our first major above-the-line advertising campaign, the engagement strategy provided by LOCKE goes far deeper and truly connects with potential clients at every touch point.

LOCKE delivered beyond expectation, achieving an 80% increase in brand interaction within the first six weeks of the campaign, and helped us think beyond the traditional approaches.”

Fayssal Sari

General Manager – Marketing & Sales, Break Thru