Brand Profile | Challenge

The Conference Travel Club [CTC] is smart-up founded by two professionals who saw an opportunity in education and travel, where professionals could take a more adventurous approach to earning their continuing professional development [CPD] points.  As is the case with many new businesses CTC knew marketing was important but were struggling to find affordable support, to design and develop a complete marketing approach for the business – not just tacticians who excelled in restricted marketing communication ponds.

Industry Sector[s]

B2B | B2C | Travel | Professional Services | Education + Training

Services Provided

Marketing | Strategy | Strategy

UNLOCKE™ business + offering review & analysis | Workshop facilitation | Brand purpose, architecture & creation | Value proposition | Messaging | Authentic proofs | Tone of voice | Market/competitive positioning | Market Engagement + marcoms planning | Creative support | Staff mentoring | Ongoing counsel.


Developing and assisting the business in creating a realistic and actionable marcomms plan and structure that not only explained what needed to be done, when, how and why, but also provided budgets and realistic metrics to achieve the desired outcomes.

Helping the business clarify and create clear compelling propositions to distinguish itself and place it clearly in front of other competitors in the market.


“As professionals we are passionate, experts in our own industry, and while we appreciate the importance of brand and marketing we had difficulty in finding a business who could help us get the basics right. 

We really appreciate the work LOCKE did for us not only are they also passionate experts, but they shared our vision and made certain that we could make it a reality in clear and simple steps, helping us think beyond our ideas and place our customers centre to all we say and do.  All this they achieved within tight deadlines and budgets – they really held our best interests to heart and we’d happily recommend them to any start-ups wanting to get things right from the very start.

Lynne + Louise Mathias, Founders, Conference Travel Club