Brand Profile

An initiative created on behalf of ARCA and Australia’s leading credit reporting and providing organisations, such as Equifax, Westpac, NAB, Toyota Finance, etc.

Service Provided

Project + Stakeholder management overseeing implementation of Consumer research | Concept creation & testing | Customer journey mapping | Marketing communications + engagement | Post engagement analysis | Evolution & expansion of offering. Brand creation + management.

LOCKE worked with often divergent and conflicting stakeholder groups to define a brand and strategy that they could prove appealed to the vast majority of all Australians, and especially those core markets often unobtainable by the banks and others the credit industry.  

A brand and strategy that represents over $4Bill in saving to the nation.
With a relentless customer centric focus, combined with a drive for more  exacting, innovative, research approaches, Michael translated highly complex legislation into simple appealing information and a high-trust, authentic brand.
A brand and strategy which was rewarded by ASIC for being ‘the most effective and significant contribution  to improving the financial literacy of Australians in 2014’.”
Clair Mackenzie

Business Solutions Manager , Australian Retail Credit Association