Brand Profile

HIVERY is a Sydney-based team of technopreneurs focused on transforming how businesses around the world use data. Experts in prescriptive analytics and lean science, HIVERY push the boundaries of data science to create better solutions that grow your business.

Service Provided

UNLOCKE™ research | Workshop facilitation | Re-naming | Brand essence discovery & creation | Value proposition | Brand architecture | Messaging | Tangible proofs | Tone of voice | Visualisation.
Market analysis | Market positioning | Go-to-market planning.

“We thrive on an entrepreneurial, start-up spirit, create incredibly complex technologies that revolutionise mature industry segments and have foundation partners (the Coca Cola Group and Data 61) with incredibly high expectations.
We needed brand and marketing experts who could work at our pace and flow, in order to create a highly appealing and approachable brand which communicates our smarts in simple, compelling ways to cynical markets.  
Significantly, with all outputs being scrutinised by the senior custodians of the world’s most recognised brand their processes and rationale needed to be bulletproof.
It has been a great journey thanks to LOCKE.   They are strategic and creative thinkers who always have an eye on the future.  But most importantly they have our back ensuring we can get on with building a growing global business and our brand and marketing needs are covered, no matter what may occur, when, or where. ”
Jason Hosking

Co-Founder & CEO, HIVERY