Brand Profile

A disruptive technology platform, delivering Australia’s first fully functional, globally funded, digital currency exchange.

Now recognised as Austalia’s leading digital currency exchange and the only listed on international currency indices.

Service Provided

UNLOCKE™ research | Workshop facilitation | Brand essence discovery & creation | Value proposition | Brand architecture | Messaging | Authentic proofs | Sub-branding |Tone of voice | Visualisation | Market positioning | Go-to-market strategy | Ongoing counsel.

“With LOCKE we created a brand for a disruptive space that placed us in front of every other brand in the niche market and achieved much stronger awareness, trust and appeal with a much larger, previously unobtainable, consumer market.

LOCKE does not have a deep intimate understanding of our market nor the players in it.  They understand its makeup and are expert at marketing, so they created a marketing process and strategy relevant to it and leave us to drive it.  This combination has seen us change the game and the market, rapidly positioning us as a world leader in digital currency and technology.”

Adrian Przelozny

CEO/ Founding Partner, Independent Reserve