Brand Profile

Premium brand of fully automated coffee machines, seeking to grow significant share in the Australian workplace market.

Service Provided

Marketing | Strategy
UNLOCKE™ research – market analysis + opportunity identification. | Strategic recommendations | Ideation + team alignment workshops | Go-to-market strategy design | Ongoing counsel.

“LOCKE  have a realistic approach to marketing, that it is about much more than just communications.  Their Six Gear Model, means that they clearly define the real issues and create solid strategic approaches that work with the existing structure of the business.

Their solutions think well beyond the current ways of doing business, they are very strong, simple and smart.  Meaning that the whole business, and all our wholesale partners, can easily understand, believe and make them happen.

They are serious about partnerships and looking at the much larger long-term relationship, rather than just delivering a few quick wins for now – which they did also provide.”

George Liakatos

Head of Sales, JURA Australia Espresso Pty Ltd