Brand Profile

Australia’s largest privately owned dry-cleaning group, Lawrence has a desire to become the go-to brand in dry cleaning at a national level. 

The business recognised that to achieve this a significant review of its brand, positioning and marketing approaches were required.

Service Provided

Marketing | Brand | Strategy
UNLOCKE™ research – franchisee, customer, supplier + competitor | Workshop facilitation | Brand purpose, architecture + creation | Value proposition | Messaging | Authentic proofs | Tone of voice | Visualisation.
Strategic analysis + recommendations | Market/competitive positioning | Go-to-market planning | Staff mentoring | Ongoing counsel.

“The depth and commitment of work provided by LOCKE truly opened our eyes and helped us understand how much opportunity exists in the market and what we can achieve by thinking beyond the status quo.

Comprehending the equity of our brand in the local market, the revitalised brand positioning and marketing strategy provided combines the best of the old with the smartest of the new.  Taking into account a very traditional industry in an always changing society LOCKE’s work means that once we get all the other elements in place, we will be virtually unstoppable and able to rapidly achieve our audacious goals.”

Stephane Lemenager

General Manager, Lawrence Dry Cleaners