Brand Profile | Challenge

Like many well established and successful businesses that have grown organically, over the years the business created several types of brands, and brand names, developed a lot of different market messages and carried out a lot of tactical campaigns.  But as competition became fiercer, spending lower and margins tighter the business understood that less was more, and needed a strategy that would bring greater focus to fewer brands to create and communicate a clear, consistent and compelling brand story at every touchpoint.

Industry Sector[s]

B2B | B2C | Retail | Food | Primary Industry

Services Provided

UNLOCKE™ | B®ANDATION™ | Marketing | Strategy


Creating and activating strategic brand and marketing strategies to assist the business hold its share and increase understanding of its distinctive offerings internally and externally.  Creating a template for the business that is easy to use and replicate at all touch points, so consistency is maintained, brand awareness grows and consumer loyalty increases, to combat and counteract industry trends.


“In one of the country’s toughest industries you need business partners who don’t only bring top class knowledge and expertise, but aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and go that extra yard, that’s why we like LOCKE.  They put their head and their heart into everything they do.”

Craig Cook, Fonder | Farmer| Butcher, Prime Quality Meats + The Natural Butcher