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The Oztent Group designs and manufactures some of Australias leading camping + outdoor brands including Oztent and Foxwing, which it sells across retail, wholesale, direct and online, in local and international markets.  The business had grown organically and, as such, has confronted the usual confusion around brand structure, product mix, market messaging and customer makeup common to such growth.

Industry Sector[s]

B2B |B2B | Lifestyle | Manufacturing| Wholesale | Retail

Services Provided

UNLOCKE™ | B®ANDATION™ | Strategy | Marketing | Mentoring | Activation


LOCKE has had the privilege of working with The Oztent Group, internally and externally for many years.  Our involvement has included advising on strategy development and activation across the business – including rolling up our sleeves, putting our head down and helping them make great things happen.


“LOCKE helped us understand our brands, and their real value. Creating a structure to help bring business clarity, efficiency and profitability across our global markets. Now and for many years to come.” 

Ed Johnson, CFO, The Oztent Group


“LOCKE‘s process was fast, broke everything down to their core and identified those pillars that had made us so different and successful.  The workshops that resulted, helped the management team create a new brand to capitalise on the competencies within the business and opportunities digitalisation presents.”

Isaac Viglione, Brand and Marketing Manager, The Oztent Group