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ThoughtWeb is a best in class business management platform that brings clarity to operational complexity.  While its pedigree is impressive, underpinning all operational elements of some of the world’s largest natural disaster missions, managing the largest most complex workforces in Australia and keeping control of the country’s most diverse and valuable transport fleets, it has virtually no market presence in corporate Australia.

Industry Sector[s]

B2B | Enterprise | Technology | Business Management | Management Consulting | Supply Chain | Asset + Personnel Management

Services Provided

Strategy + Marketing – Market Positioning | Value Proposition | Market Engagement + Go 2 Market


Working in collaboration with the Chief Marketing Officer we helped the business clarify its offering and marketing proposition, creating a very succinct, simple and compelling value proposition for an immensely broad and complex technology at risk of being all things to all people and hence nothing specific for anyone.  In parallel with this one created a market engagement strategy that balances the company’s vision of opportunity with the limitations reality to effectively reach the optimal targets in the most timely and efficient manner in order to triple company turnover within its first year of operations.


“The attention and commitment LOCKE has shown us is exemplary. More important than just asking some tough questions, they are helping us find better solutions and think beyond what other would consider acceptable. The knowledge and contacts they provide to build our business is testament to years of experience and success they have in marketing, brand and strategy.

And they enjoy working with us as much as we do them.”

George Langley, Chief Marketing Officer, Acularo Australia Pty Ltd