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– a strategic play for an ever iterating game.

Designed to operate in a fluid, constant Beta world, the SIX GEAR MARKETING MODEL™ represents a new lens with which to view and measure marketing’s relevance – both within an organisation and the agile, dynamic marketplace, where it must facilitate, or combat, disruption.

The SIX GEAR MARKETING MODEL™ is a proven approach, built upon intense work with senior managers, business owners, directors, industry peers and academics; much analysis and a great deal of pondering.  Not to mention 25 years of global marketing, brand and strategy work within and consulting to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

The SIX GEAR MARKETING MODEL™ is an ever active approach to marketing, with a human centric lens, designed to optimise an organisation’s likelihood of success within a market place.

Created to quickly analyse and action productive change in an organisation, with limited disruption to the business, the MODEL consists of six distinct gears: Knowledge | Creation | Transaction | Engagement | Growth | Evolution.  

Unlike conventional models [e.g. the marketing mix] it is not focused on the role of marketing as stagnate titles isolating marketing from other functions in an organisation.   Rather it engages with the whole ecosystem of a business and focuses on the six core responsibilities of marketing relevant to the development, optimisation and profitability of an organisation and in relation to the other roles | divisions of an organisation.

More significantly, it is not a linear step-action approach with a clear beginning or end.  The MODEL addresses business as an ever evolving entity operating in a fluid market where change is constant and ambiguity the norm.  

As such, each gear works at its own velocity, and all work in unison, to drive business and build brands – in a measurable and manageable manner – aiding the organisation in creating and activating a realistic customer centric strategy which the whole business can understand, own and support through all tactical actions.

However, a company is only as strong, effective and powerful as its weakest gear and in real terms no one gear carries more weight than any other.  Consequently there is no specific | correct beginning point when discussing the SIX GEAR MARKETING MODEL™ [other than the one that needs the most attention at any point in the businesses ecosystem] but for ease of explanation we commence with:



If you assume that know the answer, you’ll never solve the problem.

The KNOWLEDGE GEAR constantly seeks information, better ways of doing things and how to measure these.

Knowing your market, your competition, your audience, what drives them, what doesn’t and why, is crucial to any business decision.  

Gaining the best information relevant to an organisations needs in a manner to develop and deliver the best solutions is crucial to effective strategic marketing, it not only clarifies the problem, but provides insight into how to identify and measure the solution[s]. 

Not only does this Gear ensure that presumption is removed from the equation, it allows the whole business to work with clear unbiased information and ensures that marketers can make themselves [and the whole business] more accountable for actions and outcomes.



What is the single minded proposition of your transactional concept? [..maybe it’s the transaction, not the concept that makes it different]

The CREATION GEAR focuses on the journey from ideation to the delivery of relevant new offerings (solutions) for a company’s success – be it a strategy, brand, product, service, creative or emotive idea (cause).

Whatever the offering, its creation encompasses the myriad of options, techniques, and processes.

Creating the right offering, at the right time, in the right way is not merely about the final output, but the complete business case and development processes that surround it.

Naturally, technology has facilitated many new development processes [lean, MPV, RAT, agile, etc.] but what is right for your needs?

By working mindfully with this gear we have helped bring many powerful new brands and offerings to market, one new brand [and go-to-market strategy] exceeded a client’s financial targets by 570% within the first six months of operation.



Creating the clearest road through a quagmire of possibilities.

The TRANSACTION GEAR optimises your chance of reaching and transacting in a desired market.  The easier it is for your customers to transact with you, the less likely they will be to seek alternatives.

While it’s essential to understand the customer journey, the map is not the terrain.

Maximising the opportunity for transaction incorporates many elements and great detail, in order to reduce as many barriers as possible [availability, accessibility, affordability, awareness, and appeal being among them[.  In most cases smooth transaction is best achieved through improved focus on all gears.

By improving efficiencies in the Transaction Gear relevant, pricing, brand appeal and distribution, we were able to increase a company’s category EBIT by 6% in three years [doesn’t sound like much until you consider that it was the highest ever for the  business in Asian region and made it the most profitable business, in its category, for the group globally].



The best idea in the world equates to no idea ..if nobody knows about it.

THE ENGAGEMENT GEAR creates believable and compelling connections with your market, clearly, concisely and consistently.

More than just a clever marketing plan or a brilliant creative idea the Engagement Gear must facilitate the creation of authentic tangibility and connection, well beyond the world of content creation and big budget media buys.  

Great media vehicles do not translate into great marketing, they increase the potential for making great marketing happen.

While people may read websites they buy brands – beliefs, emotions and actions that touch them, stand out in the noise and help convey who they are.  Engagement is about providing the correct opportunity for an offering to connect, transact & maintain a relevant relationship – being top of mind.

Through developing and activating an insights driven market engagement strategy that is brand aligned in its approach and clear, consistent, and compelling in its activation it is possible to help an organisation take over 40% market share of a whole market sector in less than five years – we know this because we have done it.



When people buy a brand, they purchase much more than a commodity.

The GROWTH GEAR, establishes and maintains positive, relevant, ongoing relationships, which live well beyond the initial transaction.  

The management of the post transactional relationship is far more important and delivers substantially larger returns than the initial transaction – it is also an area too often disregarded or orphaned by many businesses.

By helping a technology client develop a simple strategic approach to their Growth Gear they were able to achieve greater ownership of their client’s digital spends and reduced churn – “showing transformational outcomes in the first month of implementation.”



In an ever iterating world, a ‘do nothing approach’ is a rapid path to failure.

The EVOLUTION GEAR focuses on your offerings where ever they be in the market.  Its about keeping your offering active, relevant and profitable, fully optimising its value throughout its lifecycle.

While nothing is sustainable, mindful management ensures that a concepts value can be optimised.

The secret is to understand the Evolution process and what actions to take at any given phases, in order to enhance value and return throughout its lifecycle.

By working with the Evolution Gear we have aided an organisation in more efficiently structuring and managing their brand portfolio to see them increase growth by over $4M growth pa with no additional cost to the business.  

In so doing we were able to reduce wastage on time, resources and funds, while increasing penetration through greater brand clarity.

Obviously this is a very quick overview of a deeply considered model that has taken many years to create, regardless of detail the Model’s magic is its simplicity.  

We have found that The SIX GEAR MARKETING MODEL™ helps remove a great deal of confusion, misconception and lies that have plagued marketing over the years.  

It allows us to have clear concise and logical conversations with businesses at all levels, free of scepticism or blame, to quickly identify the issues that confront and curtail their opportunities for success.  

It then allows us to set to work with management, brand and marketing teams, to think beyond the obvious everyday solutions in order to achieve significant results [in conventional and digital spheres] that drive profitability in a constant Beta world that waits for no-one.

For examples of the SIX GEAR MARKETING MODEL™ in action visit or drop us a line.

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