Ideation Tip #1:

Zero Draft  

A simple play to blow away the blockages @ project design phase

A 10-minute brainstorm for one

Used a lot by writers as focused mindlessness The Zero Draft is an ideation technique that can help with framing up a project or nutting out its initial phases on a page.


  1. Write down your project name + concept
  2. Quickly jot down everything you know about the subject.
  3. Then list out what you don’t know but is important to understand.
  4. Think more about the project and why | what’s it’s important or relevant to it
  5. Jot down all these thoughts and subsequent concepts that flow from them  [no matter how obscure they may seem] – if possible keep going till your mind feels empty.

The Zero Draft method is literally a brain-dump, to get everything down on paper bust through those initial blocks that can often dissuade  professionals in the beginning phases of a new project.  It’s about being fast and furious so don’t worry if you page looks like a mad dogs breakfast and takes you to zany places – they may prove to be break through solutions.






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